We are an established St. Louis Marketing Agency that focuses on client ROI

Who We Are!

We are a Branding and Marketing Agency specializing in all forms of Strategic Communication! From web design and Search Engine Optimization, to Branding, Positioning, Strategy, and Media. Timmermann Group is a full-service agency that creates award-winning advertising and marketing solutions.

We conceptualize, design, execute and integrate all communication pieces into a concise strategic plan. Our process is what makes the difference. If you’re looking for an agency that’s going to tell you just what you want to hear, you’re in the wrong place. We know what works, and we’re willing to back it up.

Our talented group of creative professionals will listen to your marketing goals, develop a campaign and strategy within your budget, produce the materials to match the vision of that plan, and turn your goal into reality.

Our goal is to develop seamless strategic marketing and advertising plans that maximize the impact on customers, clients, and other end-users.

Our agency achieves this goal by offering multiple creative services. Some of our most popular capabilities include graphic design, website design, website development, search engine optimization (SEO), strategic planning, branding, media planning/buying, television and radio production.

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What We Do!

We Do Branding, Planning, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, and More!

Our branding and marketing agency has been creating award-winning marketing solutions since 2003 including: branding, graphic design (brochures, catalogs, direct mail, in-store, display, packaging, print ads), web design, web development, strategic planning, content management systems, search engine optimization, advertising development, search engine marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce, tv/radio production, print production, media planning/buying and copywriting.

Whether you are looking to add a new website design to an existing marketing plan, or have a new campaign created, Timmermann Group is the agency you want as your partner.

Our eclectic team of experienced marketing consultants, dedicated project managers, award-winning creative department weirdos, never-see-daylight programmers and Scrabble-winning copywriters will work with your staff to create the best real-world marketing and advertising statement for your company.

At Timmermann Group, we strive to not only meet your goals, but exceed your expectations and do so in a timely and professional manner.


How We Do It?

We Do It with a Personal Touch and a Real-World Understanding of Marketing.

There is no “ME” in marketing!

How many times have you seen a marketing piece that is visually stimulating but makes absolutely no sense? This happens frequently because the ad agency allows their creative department to run rampant without managing the client’s goals as top priority.

The creative department at Timmermann Group delivers strategic marketing plans with your goal and vision as our goal and vision. Our team of experts and dedicated project managers work closely with you throughout every step of the project. We know what works and what doesn’t. We will help finesse your vision in a way that will increase business. We know buying trends, market segments, media and placement. This ranges from the initial start of the project to the campaign development; to the very moment your vision is launched into public view.

Our mission is for you to be completely involved so that when the launch deadline nears, you’ll know exactly what’s happening, when, and why.

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Why Choose Us?

Choose Us Because We Believe Your Creative Services Company Should Also Be Your Business Partner

At Timmermann Group, we believe in relationships, not contracts. Let’s face it; any agency can punch out your stuff if you deliver them the blueprints on a silver platter.

What is your next move once the campaign is active and the agencies job is “done”? Will your agency really be obsessing over how your specific website is going to move up on the first page of Google? Are they concerned about tracking your radio buy? Is the tv spot running where it should? Does anything need to be adjusted mid-campaign? Is this agency looking at why people are visiting your home page and then bouncing to another website without diving deeper into your website pages? Are they performing reputation management on a daily basis to ensure that your competitor has not posted a damaging review about your service or product? Unless you have chosen Timmermann Group as your business partner, the chances of receiving these value-added services are slim to none.

Our goal with every project is to exceed your vision and become your partner. Upon hire, we not only become your visionary consultant, we become part of your sales force. We are consumed with developing the campaign that makes your business better, faster, and stronger. Sometimes these bursting ideas may come to us at 3:00 AM, but don’t worry; we will wait to follow-up with you at a more reasonable hour.

Contact us through our website 24/7, or by phone during normal business hours.


Let’s Get Started!

Do We Sound Like a Good Fit For Your Next Project or Campaign?

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January 2014

Timmermann Group awarded Best Web Design Firms in the St. Louis Small Business Monthly.


Timmermann Group celebrates the new year with the addition of Dan Jansen, Senior Marketing Consultant


Timmermann Group has its ugly sweater Christmas party


Timmermann Group brings on Sarah Kuhl as Administrative Assistant


Timmermann Group brings James Coston on board as a social media specialist


Timmermann group celebrates its 10-year anniversary


Timmermann Group hires Cambrin Loepker as a Graphic Designer in the Creative Services Department!

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